Sour Patch candies are easily my favorite of the drugstore candies.  Well, let me qualify that statement: some of the Sour Patch candies are my favorites.  The most commonly available ones are, thankfully, the best of the bunch.  I don’t know if I can pick a favorite amongst them.  Each type has its pros and cons, which we will be covering in a series of posts.

Sour Patch Kids:

The classic.  These are just so wonderful; the size and shape is perfect for snacking and really highlights the chewy, not quite gummy texture of these fruity gel candies. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t tasted a Sour Patch kid, they are basically the same formula as Swedish Fish, only covered in magically delicious sour sugar dust.  The sourness level is just what I like–mild enough that you can (maybe more easily than I would like) eat a whole bag and not end up with a aching, acid-scarred mouth, but strong enough to satisfy.

The overall flavor is definitely sour first, distinctive fruit flavor second.  Speaking of distinctive fruit flavor, Sour Patch Kids have 4;  cherry, lime, orange, and lemon.  The lemon is innocuous.  It has the least character of the four and is really just a vehicle for the sourness, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The orange on the other hand has a strong orangey taste which makes it my least favorite. Is it because oranges aren’t really sour ever?  Unless perhaps, they are under-ripe? It distracts me from the sourness.  Cherry and lime are tied for my favorite.  They have the ideal level of distinctive taste.  The cherry is not medicinal and the lime is not reminiscent of bathroom cleaner, which I personally find to be a problem with a lot of artificial lemon/lime flavors (is it just me?).  This brings me to my absolute favorite aspect of munching down SPKs: eating a cherry and a lime simultaneously.  It is one of the absolute best candy experiences.  You can imagine my joy at finding huge bags of Christmas themed (i.e. green and red) Kids last holiday season.  Look out next December and stock up!  Unless you live near me, because I don’t want to have to fight you.


Teabo’s View:

While I’m not as devoted a fan as Laura, the traditional Sour Patch Kids are a staple candy in my rotation. The primary draw for me is texture. SPKs have mastered a soft chewiness that does not seriously threaten to stick in teeth and yet gives enough satisfying resistance for a little jaw workout. I’d describe the texture as fruit-snackish but stickier.

The  flavor is basic and inoffensive. Unlike Laura I cannot discern as much difference between different colors, though orange is distinct. Of course the most powerful taste is the sour sugar that coats each piece, and while I am ambivalent about sourness in general I find the SPK brand of sourness mild enough that I usually finish my bag without any grievous oral  pain.

Finally I think it is worth noting that Sour Patch Kids are a terrific movie candy, being plentiful enough to last you through the credits and lacking individual wrapping for silent munching.